Here are the Secrets You'll Unlock in
Trash-Free Teamwork
The #1 tool that that can be a teamwork game-changer The best exercise to get to know the personalities on your team
The four basic personalities that kill teamwork--and how to counteract them The seven key components of teamwork that you can't be without
The one weird trick that can stop someone from interrupting you--and trashing your teamwork

Did You Know...
  • Email is one of the biggest teamwork killers. Learn how to tame it.
  • Different generations require different management techniques.
    We have tips on how to manage and motivate each of them.
  • There are four key areas of training that can significantly improve teamwork—and we cover them all.
  • A One Minute Ask can completely change the way your team communicates. We'll tell you what that is—and how you can implement it.

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Trash-Free Teamwork


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A Note from Norm and Steven

"We created Trash-Free Teamwork because we wanted to share a fundamental lesson we learned from our years managing people in the waste industry: If your team isn't where you want it to be, there's probably garbage in your way. And garbage was meant to be thrown out, not carried around year after year. This course gives you the tools and the inspiration to do that!"

~ Norm LeMay and Steven Kaufman