Dynamic Speakers

Norm and Steven keep folks engaged, interested and entertained. And through it all, they're teaching a great lesson: how to get the garbage out of your life, your office, and your relationships.

Great Topics

Getting through tough talks. Staying way from toxic relationships. Doing a mental oil change. Clean out the junk drawer with relevant topics that can help us all.

Happy Audiences

We've all been to boring lectures. No chance of that happening at a Garbageman's Guide event. Folks leave the room with a clear mind and big smile—and a whole lot less trash in their life.

Nike Recruiting

OEC Coos Bay
OEC Lane County
OEC Roseburg

New Neighbors
Oregon Dental Executives Association Conference
Oregon Employer Council - Linn/Benton County
Stanford Association of Oregon
Southgate Animal Clinic
The Children's Clinic
Waste Expo - Atlanta

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Sample Speaking Topics

• Toss That Trash: How To Clear Your Mind and Jumpstart Your Life
• Multi-Generational Workplaces: Bridging the Gap and Tossing the Generational Trash
• Clean It Up For Good: How To Have Difficult Conversations
• The Art of Preventative Maintenance: Creating Solutions Before They Erupt Into Problems
• Park Your Ego: How to Unleash Your Inner Garbageman
• All Right Turns: How To Create Your Route To Success
• Leave It In the Landfill: Recover from Past Mistakes, Overcome Hesitancy, and Move On
• No More Contamination: How To Deal with Toxic Relationships
• Uncovering the Trash Behind Inefficiency
• Filling Up the Can: How To Break Up and Toss Old Thinking Patterns