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Here's a short list of our most popular courses.

Generational Competence: Tossing the Trash of the Ages

For the first time in US history, four different generations are in the workforce at the same time—and that can create some spectacular garbage. (Ever tried to get a Baby Boomer and a Millenial to work together?) The trick is understanding what inspires and engages each generation, while dumping stereotypes and aged-related attitudes. Learn the secrets to managing and motivating employees of all ages in this interactive and highly-informative course.

Trash-Free Teamwork

Arguments. Competing priorities. Cliques. Whether you work in a new company, a family business, or a large public corporation, just because you have employees doesn't mean you have a team. In this course, you'll learn inside tricks like the four basic personalities that kill teamwork or the #1 tool that can be a teamwork game-changer—tips that can build trash-free, rock-solid teamwork throughout your organization.

All Right Turns: How to Create Your Company's Route to Success

Every company wants excited employees, a smooth-running operation, and an enticing message for the market. However, what happens when your company culture starts to hamper productivity and stifle morale? Through lecture, games, and small group discussions, learn how to dump the six most common forms of garbage that creeps into offices so you can create your company's route to success.

Clean It Up for Good: How to Trash Conflict in the Office

We've all faced it: A sudden argument with a colleague, a difficult conversation with an employee, or having to mediate a nasty fued between two warring factions. There's no mistaking the dread and the discomfort when you have to have to sit down and work it out. In this course, you'll get a healthy dose of practical, boots-on-the-street tools to help you toss the trash, clear the air, and get the problem resolved—once and for all!

The Secrets of Supervising Employees

Power struggles. Strong versus shy personalities. Subtle versus blunt communication styles. Managing employees can create a lot of unnecessary garbage like drama, conflict, and tension. In this engaging course, learn about the most common garbage that seeps into the supervisor/employee relationship—and how to toss it so you can build solid, waste-free relationships throughout your company.

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