Why bother dumping trash?

It's a valid question. These are tough times. Money is tight. Jobs are hard to come by. It's difficult to make ends meet. Mental trash is a soft topic that won't put bread on the table.

Those are all true statements. However, what we think dictates how we act. If you're convinced that life will always be difficult and you'll never reach your goals, you're programming your belief system to make that come true. At the same time, if you tell yourself that being stuck is garbage and you have the strength and talent to move in a new direction, you're also programming your belief system--in a completely different way.

So it comes down to a basic question: what's in the driver's seat steering your truck? Thoughts, beliefs, and opinions that say, "I can't" and "I'm not good enough?" Or thoughts, beliefs, and opinions that propel you towards your goals and dreams? Put another way, if shedding old, outdated thoughts can open up dramatic new possibilities for your future, dealing with garbage is not a luxury. It's a necessity.

We are all garbagemen. We all know how to get rid of things that have no value. You can do the same thing for the contents of your mind, to relationships that are broken, and to issues you face at home or at work: find the trash and get rid of it.

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